March 6, 2017

Thoughts While Reading Swiss Family Robinson

I'm mostly able not to read this through the prism of chronic pain & fatigue, but it's not easy. So many instances I stop and just think, how would I survive? I'd be at least semi-functional most of the time with meds. But without? Once they ran out? I wouldn't survive long. It's a challenge too massive to procure food and shelter while unable to stay awake or sit up, much less walk or build or hunt. I'd definitely have to rely on those with me. I hate relying on people as much as I do now. The thought of needing it all day long because I'm bedridden again makes me anxious, sad, and heartbroken. It's not easy having a disability. When you are fiercely independent, it's that much harder.

Only I would make this book this complicated. 😂

Have you ever read The Swiss Family Robinson?
Have you ever read a book that you threw more layers on than the author ever intended you're sure? No, just me?

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